The History of Building
Building of Balairung Seri which is connected to Kota Beram Palace was built in 1954 to complement the function of Kota Beram Building as a Palace. It is used as a place of formal interviews and royal events such as birthday celebrations, courtesy and royal dining ceremonies. Now, this building has been a space for displaying traditional Malay weapons, especially keris.

The Building's Architecture
Balairung Seri was built almost identical to the original building of the City of Beram Castle with Neo-classical style. This building is built about three feet high from the ground floor to prevent flood threats. Like the original building, Kota Beram Castle, the construction of the bottom of the house allows for better air circulation, revealing spacious space and making the room fresh. The entire floor and roof frames are wood, while iron grills are mounted for safety and have a unique aesthetic value. The windshield in the building serves to make the interior of the building comfortable and comfortable.